Friday, June 19, 2015

Manifestation: The Union of Thought and Matter

I am sitting at my son’s graduation, waiting for the ceremony to begin. The graduates, dressed in their best, don their robes, excitement in all their faces. My son is with his friends drinking champagne back in the parking garage.

DISCIPLE: Yama, I had a powerful dream last night. I awoke from it weeping.

YAMA: What was it? Tell me the best that you can as dreams have a way of being very slippery.

DISCIPLE: What I can remember was that some organization (government, perhaps?) had me standing in front of a screen. Others were crowded around me to observe what I could do. Images began to flash on the screen. Then I was asked to control the images. The images seem to flash uncontrolled until I started to wave my hands in a helix configuration, from top to bottom. Faster and faster I waved my arms in that snake-like movement. The images began to be controlled until they stopped, and there I saw children doing all manner of silly things, and adults as well. And I said to the observers: “How strange are humans. But how I love them all!” And then I just burst out in a weeping that increased in magnitude until it woke me up in tears.

Insights, Yama?

YAMA: On your trip on the plane yesterday what were you reading?

DISCIPLE: I read an article about this 58-year-old man who was told he could never run again due to his hip condition. Well, he set out to prove them wrong by running up a mountain in record time for his age. And he did it! I could relate as my hip has been giving me pain for many years now.

YAMA: How did he achieve that feat?

DISCIPLE: By a lot of physical training and incremental goals to accomplish.

YAMA: And what did he do mentally?

DISCIPLE: He followed the advice of coaches and athletes who recommended mantras, affirmations (such as, “Unlimited Power courses through me”). While the affirmations sounded trite and fake to him at first, after a while, after a while he started to believe them and actually became part of him.

YAMA: And what did he do about the pain?

DISCIPLE: At first the pain was unbearable and he fought against it. Then he switched his outlook on it and he no longer saw it as pain, but part of suffering. And by embracing it and not pushing it away, he became the suffering, became part of the human condition.

YAMA: Your dream reflected all of this.

DISCIPLE: Please explain, teacher, I’m uncertain what you mean.

Drawing of Blake's Ancient of Days, Janaka Stagnaro
YAMA: The screen of your dream was your mind. By focusing intensely you were able to control the mind. By incorporating the movements of the body to reflect your intention you were better able to focus your energies.

DISCIPLE: Why the shape of the helix?

YAMA: Hermes, the great healer and traveler of thought, used the symbol of two intertwining snakes around a staff as the symbol of healing. It is also the symbol of DNA. When you can focus your thoughts into line with your intention, you bring your mind and body into alignment. And healing occurs.

DISCIPLE: I don’t understand. Please elaborate?

YAMA: Because you are manifesting the Power of the Creator into the world of Form. You are impregnating Matter. Shiva-Shakti.

DISCIPLE: Okay, so we bring forth our intentions with a disciplined mind and using our will. By doing so we bring our mind and body into a union, yes? And this union is, of course, a healing, since now there is no conflict then between thinking and doing. I get that. However, I do not understand the suffering part. How is it connected to this focusing of intention?

YAMA: Suffering is a powerful energy. Just being a human you come in wrapped in all the history of humankind--with all its pangs of separation from the Creator.

That suffering, that longing for Unity, is a Power to propel one through the world. Imagine all those brothers and sisters of yours not fulfilling their Heart’s Desire, and the pain they are in because of that. Imagining still deeper that all those who are suffering are facets of you, probabilities of your incarnation who manifested into different vessels and circumstances by the beliefs they incarnated into.

By tapping into all those manifestations of you, and their suffering, when you manifest your Heart’s Desires, it becomes a template for the Mind of Man to help other manifestations to remember their Hearts’ Desires; which, in turn, creates new templates. And so on and so forth. It’s kind of like leap frog, if you will, each manifestation helping the other manifestation coming up behind.

All of these who will be coming soon down the aisle to receive their diploma have all done so because of their desires, their intentions. Without that force that put the Will to Do into motion, none of them would be here today. It takes strong desire to push through the hardships, the denials, the suffering, to make the goal.

Now, many of them do not realize that there is a Divine Intelligence that made it all possible. They simply think that it was their separated minds that did it. And since they still have not found the Truth that there is only one Mind, their potential for greater success, greater manifesting, will be hit and miss.

DISCIPLE: Why would it be hit and miss, Yama, when they have their accomplishment to stand upon?

YAMA: Because they bring a whole bag of thoughts that are fear-based. How could they not carry such fearful thoughts when they believe that they are bodies with little separated minds, competing against other hungry bodies.

When they realize that there is one Mind that operates through all manifesting I AMs, then success is without limit and will always benefit the world.

Just then the music began to play, that iconic triumphant piece, and in walked the graduates, their faces beaming. And there was my boy, my special manifestation, giving me the thumbs up as he went to take his place amongst all the other manifestations of the one I AM.

                 --Janaka Stagnaro
                The Teachings of Yama: A Blog with Death

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